The Mann Clan

So I have sat on these pictures for some time now.  Not on purpose really…summer has been so busy that I have been playing catch up on posting.  So this is the last session..and I am caught up now!  Almost…after two more…

But looking at these pictures once again, my heart melts.  There is something so real, so genuine, and so full of love about these images.  And well, that really is what describes this family in a nutshell.  I love this family and I loved taking their pictures.

The hilarious thing about these, is that like any photo shoot…there is always the likely hood that something happens that is not planned.  Well, they invited my family over for dinner.  Then after a lovely meal we would frolic in the grassy yard and take some scrumptious fieldsy, hippie, happy, sunny pictures.   Well, after we ate, it grew dark.  Grim really.  Then it rained, then poured.  No no.  No rescheduling this shoot.  The Mann’s were moving to Portland in a week and this was the day.  So the wheels in my brain started to crank and as I prayed for creative help.  The result.  We shot out on their covered porch, which was really enough cover for the entire family to sit under, while I laid in the open doorway on my belly letting all their cool AC air out into creation.  And oh yes, it was dark. Did I mention.  So I laid my hands on my Nikon and prayed that the shutter gods would help my camera preform.  And oh yes did it.  I love my Nikon for this very reason.  It laughs in the face of darkness..literally.   And in the end, we got some lovely pictures that still perfectly describe this family, in a home that they have grown to love.

So enjoy world.  Meet the Manns!

Meet Eadie Kate.  Sweet as pie.

Love these little tickle moment I caught of the kids!

This is exactly what I want to do with those cheeks too…

Levi!!!  I could steal this kid!  Love him.  Love his name.

Beautiful Laura!

Lil June.  Gosh she’s so stinking cute!  And that grin is just sweetness….

My fav

  • Melanie - I really think that picture of Eadie Cate kissing Levi on the head could be one of my favorite photos of all time. I “pinned” it to my Pinterest page. (yes I am finally doing SOMETHING on the internet).

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