Joey and Jhasta’s E. Session

Okay people, hold onto your seats.  This Engagement Session was literally the ultimate in fun-ness.  So fun I just made up that word.  Ha!  So here is the scoop.  Joey is head over heels for Jhasta.  And by the grin on her face from ear to ear, she is equally in love.  Joey is the night DJ on HOT 104.5.  His counterpart, Jhasta is a lawyer by day and a Zumba instructor by night.  Perfect couple, perfect match.  So we met over at Wasabi weeks ago and talked about their wedding.  I knew right away I had just made some BFF’s.  For real.  Then to top it off, they pitched the idea of going to the TN state fair for their E. Session.  To which my heart stopped beating and I could barely push the word “YES!” out of my mouth I was so excited.  I have dreamed of doing a shoot there one day!  And my day had come….So off to the fair we went.

Joey and Jhasta showed up in their boots and super mod sun glasses and I thought I was going to die from excitement.  To say we had a “blast” is a serious understatement.  It was so fun I could not stop laughing out loud.  And you know when you find yourself laughing out loud, you have reached a new level of “fun”.  So I did,..we did.  And the night was perfect. The end.

So I seriously CANNOT wait till their wedding next year in July.  It will be amazing!  Joey and Jhasta, enjoy and xoxoxo!    lillian

Warning:  You will see spontaneous fits of laughter and super silliness.  Just thought I’d prepare you….

They could have cared less about onlookers. I love that…

Work it…work it..

Yes, I laid on the fairgrounds to get this one….

Trying to get creative with displaying their wedding date….

Okay, so I was about to comment and say “I love this one” on the next several ones….but I won’t.  Just know that I do…!

Yes we had a blast.  Ate everything, played games…then danced the night away….

  • Melanie - Ha– Lil, the corn dog is too much!!!! 🙂
    I really like the one with Joey catching the fish and Jhasta’s response.

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