Katie and Justin/ Knoxville Wedding Photographer

So here it is finally, Katie and Justin’s wedding!!!  I have been anxious to post these pictures for some time now.   And why you ask?  Isn’t there a bride and, flowers and rings like at every other wedding?  Well,.. yes.  But after loading 100 pictures from this wedding, no joke, all the details were more than just “details”. Everything was full of beautiful trimmings, eye candy and …well…just gorgeousness!  It was really quite overwhelming.  But all the decor, food and details were all in celebration of Katie and Dustin joining as husband and wife.  And that is a very beautiful thing!  Alan Brock, who is part of the Ben Finch Photography team, came along with me and got every detail of the reception that I have posted here.  Thanks Alan!

So Katie and Justin, here is a peek and reminder of your very special day~

Beautiful Katie.  I came just in time for make up.

I could not resist styling her accessories with in her parent’s home.  I want that chair!!!

And her shoes were out amazing.  I told Katie I could have photographed them all day…

The top to Katie’s dress.  I could not pass this up…

Justin the Groom.  He makes chilllin’ on a couch in a suit look so casual!

Love these!

The entire wedding was at Katie’s parents’ home.  It was a a beautiful home and a beautiful place for a wedding!

Back inside to catch Katie’s final touches…Love her hair!!!

Gorgeous!!!  She really looked just like this.  I promise I did not touch her face in post processing.  Maybe a tad bump in color saturation and clarity. That is it.  She looked this amazing in real life!

Zaaaa  RINGZZZ.  Some serious bling!

I love these all…

The reception was in the back yard around the pool area.  What a beautiful view and back drop!

When the evening came, the tented dance floor was just as magical!

So happy for you both!  xo~ lillian

  • Melanie - Very nice Lil. You did a great job!

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