Drew and Rachel

Long and awaited, here is the Simmons Wedding!  It was such an incredible honor to be present at Drew and Rachel’s special day.  I had beyond a blast and it was so special to me to watch my dear friends become united as husband and wife.

It was such an exciting day.  And for me as the photographer, I get to watch it all come together and unfold.  Really an incredible honor.  The day was an insanely gorgeous day for August.  People were bustling in and out with decor, beautiful flowers, and Drew and Rachel were so chill and excited.  My favorite weddings are the ones which the wedding party has such a ball together all they do is laugh.  And laugh indeed everyone in this wedding did!  Apart from the decor and flowers looking amazing, this day was perfect~

Drew and Rachel, I could not be happier for you both!  Enjoy this sneak peek!  Lillian

What do you do when your shoe lace breaks?  Swap it out with one of your groomsmen and brother.

Outside for some close ups!

A quick pause for mom to give some sweet love to Drew.  Love this picture~

Hilarious.  Drew and his best man and dad.

Katie Roach did all the florals and decor.  It was off the hook people.  Insannnely gorgeous.

Rachel the beautiful bride!

This picture perfectly captures this group of gals.  Fun and hilarious.  Oh yes, and pretty…

Bridesmaids gifts!  So cute!

This cake topper was used in Rachel’s mother’s, and grandmother’s weddings.

My favorite…

Love this picture.  Hudson, Drew’s nephew.  Love this kid!

Props to my 2nd shooter, Gabby Dalton, for capturing these two pictures for me~

I always love the cake cutting.  The bride and groom are always both so sweet and giggly.  Not knowing what they are suppose to do…

…and I never know who is going to get cake in their face.  In this case, it was Drew.

And they lived happily ever after~


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