Megan and Eric / Engagement Session

In honor of all things Tennessee and to kick off the UT season in style, I introduce to you Megan and Eric!  Eric wanted to propose to Megan in the UT stadium over a year ago but wasn’t able to coordinate the surprise.  So the next best thing was to have their engagement session on the beautiful green fields of the UT stadium.  So that is just what we did!  We met up post game day, on a Sunday, and the day was absolutely perfect!  The sky could not be any more blue and the field was beautiful.  I must say, to be in that enormous stadium with only the three of us, was exhilarating and humbling.   It was a gorgeous site to see the UT stadium in all it’s glory!   And then let two people in love loose in that space, with a photographer, then your are talking about some magic happening!

Enjoy your sneak peek guys!  


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