Baby Lincoln

I visited baby Lincoln tonight…and I couldn’t resist posting these after I looked through the images.  There is something about holding a new little baby that reaches down into the depths of you and produces love.  I had a 5 minute window to snap these…as my husband was trying to hang onto my squirming 15 month old who kept dropping her doll on the hospital floor (yuk), and my older two were begging me for food.  So Momma Margie passed out organic lolipops and I snapped away.  Here are a few.  But in reality, all the pictures were so precious.  Every little change in movement, and yawn…all so precious.  So ti was hard to limit these to only a few.

 Bernie and Margie, Lincoln is beautiful!  What a gift!  SO excited for you and your  growing family~ xo




  • Susan Narveson - Oh, he is such a beautiful baby. Makes my arms ache even more. Thank you so much for such beautiful work. Susan aka(Grancie).

  • Maile - Congrats, Margie, Darren, Loren and Bernie! Lincoln is so cute and i can’t wait to meet him!

    Love you all,

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