Katie and Justin

I am In love, I mean IN LOVE with this maternity session! I had to awesome privilege to photograph Katie and Justin’s Wedding 2 years ago.  It was an amazefest!  Gorgeous wedding, gorgeous couple, an absolute blast of a night.  So when Katie contacted me to tell me she was expecting and wanted to come to Knoxville for her maternity pictures,…I jumped for joy.  One, I was super excited for and Justin, and two…well I was super excited for myself that I was going to get to photograph them once again!  If photographing their wedding was amazing, then I knew this would be equally awesome.   And people, it was….
We met up at her mom’s house, the same place the wedding was held.  We came together with some ideas and had a blast changing outfits, taking our time and chasing the sunset towards the end.  It was so fun capturing this new sweet season for them, and I can’t wait to meet bambino!
xoxo Katie and Justin~  hope you love these as much as I do!

This is one of the images I drove home from the shoot thinking about …dying to see it again on the back of my camera.  Love this one…

Isn’t Katie gorgeous!?…I did really no editing to this.  Just brightened the light and sharpened a bit.  Done.

Okay, so when I started editing these in the chair, I literally was saying out loud, “shut up!”.  This has got to be my favorite image(s).  Everything about it is gorgeous…the light, the furniture, her poise…perfect.  So hence why I posted pretty much the same picture several times!

Katie and Justin for some poolside PDA…

By the pool with their other two babies…

I love these so much!!  Walked around and across the property to  catch the last bit of sunlight that evening.  So worth it!

Sometimes I just love blurry pictures.  Don’t ask me why,…I just do…

Ran back inside to snap some of Katie on her favorite couch in the house.

Photo bombed by puppy!

I love this one!  I had asked Katie to look up, and when I snapped the picture puppy looked up too…


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