I take pictures of lots of babies…Mostly mine.  But I also get the awesome joy to photograph the sweet moments of a clients’ baby as they are that cuddly smooshy age of babyhood.  I love it!  But I have to admit, this one was such a JOY!  World, I introduce to you baby George ….!  He was all smiles, and endured much torture from us.  Yes, that is him in a punch bowl. It is a Hackworth family tradition where all babues are photographed in this huge glass punch bowl you will soon see below.  Baby George was all smiles and giggles through it all.  Amazing.

I brought my office today to Matlock tires this morning.  Had to get that oil change!  So I sat in their waiting room area, plugged into the laptop,…earphones in looking at these adorable pictures of George.  Everyone there probably thought I enjoyed being at Matlock, in fact that I was having the time of my life!  I could not help myself.  I was all smiles editing these images!  Big smiles. Smiles where the Matlock staff probably has never witnessed a happier customer at their tire place.  I literally DID NOT want to get up to retrieve my vehicle when the Matlock guy brought me my keys.  I was loving working on these images and did not want to budge.  I know when you scroll through these, baby George will have the same affect on you as well!  There is something about a baby,…all his squishiness, oh so soft skin, big eyes, and happy heart that will warm up anyone!  I hope these photos of little George will make you smile today~

Ahhh!…Baby toes!!!

Yup,…we dressed him this.

Does this just not warm your heart?

Baby in a punch bowl…

Then we took him outside…

Beautiful Maxey.  I photographed Maxey and Forest’s wedding two years ago.  Their wedding was epic…you can see it here.  So excited to see the addition of baby George!


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