Why I love what I do…


There is nothing to explain this obsession of mine…except that I LOVE to capture LOVE.  It never ceases to amaze me how this piece of metal and glass called a camera can weld an image that helps you remember a moment, a touch, a smell.  There is something that happens when someone you love comes into your life, it’s unexplainable really.  You just want to capture EVERY SINGLE MOMENT.   I’ve been doing it ever since my first born came into my arms.  I was in love and did not want to miss a moment.

So in 2006 without any formal training, I picked up my Canon Elph point and shoot – which could fit inside of an Altoid box- and I took pictures of every moment I wanted to remember and treasure.

That is how it all started.  And somehow 2 years later, I was photographing weddings and loving every minute of it!




I am incredibly grateful for this husband of mine, Ryan.  Who not only shoots with me, but after 10 years of marriage God has harvested such a deep respect and affection for this man.  We live in Knoxville, TN with our three little gems Ella Reese, Dean and Liv.  And I am so grateful for every moment with them!

And it is from this joy and love that God has filled my heart, that I come with camera in hand to capture your love and your life!  I never consider what I do a “job”, but a privilege really!  Because anyone can document an event.  But all the in between moments- those are the ones I treasure!  Those can not be posed or created, and that is what makes those moments in time so priceless!

So that is how I got addicted to this thing called Photography.  It is a gift and a blessing, and I hope to get the honor of capturing your special event or life!


~ Lilian

  *  Photo credit to my very talented friend Ben Finch of FINCH Photo / 2013 *







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